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“Musical Carnival”

The following list of books are part of my personal collection which I use as important reference to learn the sound ways of painting and other fascinating things I need to know in the grand adventure to create the paintings I dream of.

Alla Prima II: Everything I know About Painting and More, Expanded Edition, by Richard Schmid with Katie Swatland.
Alla Prima II: Companion – Richard Schmid’s Materials, Tools, and Techniques, by Katie Swatland
Atlas of Human Anatomy for the Artist, by Stephen Rogers Peck
Carlson’s Guide to Landscape Painting, by John F. Carlson
Figure Drawing for All It’s Worth, by Andrew Loomis
Successful Drawing, by Andrew Loomis
The eye of the Painter & the Elements of Beauty (Mandarin Version), by Andrew Loomis
Drawing and Sketching in Pencil, by Arthur L. Guptill
Drawing the Draped Figure, by George B. Bridgman
The Artist’s Complete Guide to Drawing the Head, by William Maughan
Sargent Portrait Drawings: 42 works by John Singer Sargent, Dover Art Library
John Singer Sargent: Portrait of the 1890s, by Richard Ormond, Elaine Kilmurray, Warren Adelson
The Human Figure: Life Drawing for Artists, by John H. Vanderpoel
Problem Solving for Oil Painters: Recognizing What’s Gone Wrong and How to Make It Right, by Gregg Kreutz