My New Easel

Woohooo! I can’t stop myself from overwhelmed by the great excitement after collecting my new easel from custom today. It’s collected finally!

It has been a long long wait since June.

My new easel took a month to fabricate as it was truly handmade upon order. Then, it took a few weeks to travel from US to Malaysia but then been hold at local Custom at the first place.

The Custom people sent me a notice for the request of personal collection and clearing off the import tax of the ordered item upon the collection. Before I received the notice, I was extending my neck up to the longest I could, looking at outside every time I found a postman passing my gate. I was hoping there was a parcel for me and it had to be the easel I ordered from US. Besides, I also kept on checking the tracking update on the courier portal to follow up the delivery.

Thanks God. It didn’t take me too lengthy to know where the parcel was and not too complicated to get the item passed the custom declaration process.

My new easel – it took me a few minutes to assemble all the gadgets on my own tripod and is ready for its first outdoor painting now!!

My new Open Box M.Inc easel. :)

My new Open Box M.Inc easel. 🙂


About Jenjen

Hi, this is Jen. I’m a hedonistic & cheerfully optimistic lady. I like to live in a simple way and love in a generous manner. I dare to dream and I tend to constantly move forward to pursue what I want or what I care. I hope to enjoy every single moment of my life without having any regret. One of my favorite saying goes like this: “Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass. It’s about learning to dance in the rain. “
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